Digital teaching resource 2: StoryCorps

Click here to listen to my digital teaching resource.

StoryCorps. Inc. (2015). StoryCorps (Version2.1.1). [iOS app].
(StoryCorps. Inc., 2015).

(Carey, 2015) and the free StoryCorps app form “a global platform for listening, connecting, and sharing stories of the human experience” (“About,” 2015). is based on the StoryCorps project ( that has travelled throughout America since 2003 to record, preserve and broadcast the stories of its citizens. brings this concept out of recording studios and into the hands of anyone with access to a mobile device.

Both and the StoryCorps app were released in beta mode in March 2015 with funding from the 2015 TED Prize and the 2014 Knight Prototype Fund (

(StoryCorps, 2015)


Carey, R. (2015). StoryCorps app introductory slides (PDF file). Retrieved from

StoryCorps. (2015, March 13). The StoryCorps App [Video file]. Retrieved from

StoryCorps Inc. (2015). StoryCorps (Version 2.1.1). [iOS app].


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